How Linguidoor App Localization helped Koo to achieve 60 Million downloads in 7 countries

Linguidoor's App Localization Skyrockets Koo's Downloads In 7 Countries
Social Media
More than two months
Total Volume
100K words
Language Pair
German, French, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese and Spanish


Koo is the 2nd largest multi-lingual microblogging platform available to the world. Over 60 million people use the microblogging service Koo, which is accessible in more than 100 countries. It gives people the freedom to communicate their ideas in the language of their choice.

Koo wants to connect people better, empower them to express themselves in a language of their choice, have a stage for their voice, and melt language barriers that prevent inter-lingual communication.

Challenge – Expedite expansion into foreign markets with a focus on Europe:

The founders at Koo had a clear plan to invest heavily in global expansion after the latest round of funding. As a language-focused microblogging platform already available in various Indian regional languages, Koo had initially set its sights on catering to a diverse Indian audience. However, a remarkable surge in user downloads from Brazil, exceeding 1 million within just 48 hours, propelled Koo to the top positions on both the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. This unexpected popularity surge expedited their global expansion strategy, prompting them to localize their app into various languages as swiftly as possible.

Historically, Koo had relied on freelancers and language service companies within India to localize their platform for Indian regional languages. However, they sought a Language Service Provider (LSP) based centrally in the European Union for their global aspirations. After a thorough evaluation and capability analysis, Koo selected Linguidoor as their trusted partner for this crucial endeavor.

Koo’s objective was to ensure a seamless localization of their app into multiple languages, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, and Indonesian, primarily focusing on maintaining the highest quality standards. Despite the urgency of the project, the timelines were incredibly tight. Translators were required to become familiar with the app’s functionality to accurately translate within the context, minimizing the need for subsequent revisions. This meticulous Translation-Editing-Proofreading (TEP) process guaranteed the app’s excellence in multiple languages.

Solution – Localization with Linguidoor:

At Linguidoor, we sincerely appreciate the significant effort and investment that has gone into developing and scaling the client app. Our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with seamless service and exceptional experience remains our top priority. Achieving this objective hinges on effective communication, and the teams at Linguidoor took proactive steps to understand and gather the necessary information to meet these requirements. We meticulously planned our approach to tackle this project.

The significance of contextual translation could not be overstated, particularly for Koo, a social platform with millions of users. Crafting high-quality translations for app strings presented a unique challenge, as these strings often contained numerous standalone terms that, with the appropriate context from our expert linguists, could easily be accurately translated.

Here’s how we deliver top-notch localization strategies:

It takes a great deal of thinking that goes behind the tailored client experience when it comes to providing top-notch translations. So, to make things seamless, we follow a 4-step process to provide the best translation services for each of our clients.

Here is that process in detail:

Utilization of Native and Domain-specific Linguists

We recognized the importance of deploying linguists with native language proficiency and expertise in the specific domain. This process ensured the translations would be linguistically accurate while being culturally and contextually relevant.

Translation of Termbase/Glossary

To maintain consistency throughout the translation process, our initial step involved translating the termbase and glossary. This process provided a solid foundation for translating the entire set of strings.

6-Eye Process (Translation + Editing + Proofreading)

Quality was at the forefront of our approach. We implemented a rigorous 6-eye process, which involved translation by one linguist and editing and proofreading by two additional linguists. This triple-layered approach guaranteed the highest quality translations.

LQA Framework on the Live App

To ensure that the translations were seamlessly integrated with the live app and met the highest quality standards, we employed a Language Quality Assurance (LQA) framework. This involved continuous monitoring and improvement of the translations post-deployment.

Moreover, our linguists went the extra mile by immersing themselves in the platform. They created user accounts, thoroughly reviewed the app’s pages, and extensively familiarized themselves with its features. This immersion ensured they understood the content and captured the nuances and user experience, resulting in translations that resonated with the platform’s users.

Linguidoor’s professional approach to this localization project is a testament to our team’s commitment to excellence, a focus on contextual accuracy, and a thorough understanding of the platform’s intricacies. Through the concerted efforts of our native and domain-specific linguists, we were able to provide Koo with high-quality translations that enriched the user experience and solidified our reputation for delivering top-tier localization services.


With Linguidoor’s support, Koo successfully localized its app into the target languages within the demanding timelines. This swift and efficient localization effort allowed Koo to rapidly expand its user base globally and capitalize on its newfound popularity in Brazil.


Koo’s partnership with Linguidoor exemplifies the importance of strategic localization in the context of global expansion. Despite the project’s urgency, the meticulous TEP process, combined with Linguidoor’s native resources and expertise, ensured that we translated Koo’s app accurately by tailoring it to the specific linguistic and cultural nuances of its diverse user base that speaks German, French, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish.

This case study highlights how seamless collaboration with a trusted LSP can facilitate rapid global growth and market dominance for tech companies like Koo.


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