Banking and Finance Document Translation from German into Spanish, French and Italian

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Project Summary
Client: Solaris Bank
Service: Professional Translation
Language Pair: DE-ES, DE-IT and DE-FR
Domain:   Legal and Financial
Total Volume: 11742 words
Deadline: Long term project (still going on)

About the client, Problem, and Requirement
Solarisbank is a Berlin-based Fintech company that offers Banking-as-a-Service Platform
with its German banking license. Solarisbank provides a banking platform that is intended to
give its users, mostly digital companies and financial services startups, access to various
banking service modules that can then be integrated into their processes, websites, or
mobile applications.
Solarisbank was looking for professional Translation providers who could support the
company in translating a vast number of Legal and Financial documents in three languages:
Italian, French, and Spanish.
The original documents were in either German or English and the majority of documents
they wanted to translate are short Email, Insolvency Papers, and General Terms and
Conditions of Use which are used to communicate with International customers.

1. Professional Legal and Financial translation requires specialized knowledge and
proficiency in translating the language pair. Therefore, finding domain-specific
linguists who could meet the client's expectations was a challenge.

2. Since this work involves the rare translation language pair German to Spanish,
German to Italian and German to French and Vice Versa, we need to find linguists
who are well versed in both languages ​​which was a challenge for us.
1. A dedicated Project Manager assigned for this project so that the quality will never
be compromised.
2. It’s our core value to provide professional Translation Services to our clients. To assure
the highest quality of translation, we selected 10 Domain-specific Translations for
each language from our resource pool. After passing the test, the top 6 Translators
were selected to do the translation and proofreading. We assigned the task for the
respective language to native linguists who are well versed in their own domain.
3. As we always believe in 4 eye principle, we handed over the file to other domain
specific linguists once the translation was done by the 3 concerned linguists, who
thoroughly did the proofreading and review of the translation as per the
requirement of the client.
4. After the review and proofreading, we did our internal QA with the help of CAT Tools
so that all the terminologies and technical terms are used properly and are
consistent in the translation.
5. Subsequent to finishing the responsibility, our in-house specialists work on the
formatting part which helps us to create the target file as per the source file.
We finished the task and delivered it effectively before the deadline. Satisfied and dazzled
by our work, clients have chosen us as their ‘trusted translation partner’. We are proud to
be a long-term Translation and Localization Partner of Solarisbank.

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